Fish Stocking

Lake Panorama Fish Stocking

Again this fall, about $11,000 worth of fish were added to Lake Panorama by Fin and Feather.

Fish Stocking totals for 2017

  • Walleye – 2,500
  • Largemouth Bass – 500
  • Yellow Perch – 500
Lake Panorama Fish Stocking
The Stanley Kids show off a 5 inch walleye about to be stocked

Fin and Feather now stocks fish between 4 inches and 8 inches to promote high survival rates. While fingerling fish are less expensive, survival rates are lower.

Volunteers in our group have been stocking fish and working to improve fishing conditions in Lake Panorama since 1984. When the dam was closed in 1970, the only species natural to the lake were crappie, large mouth bass, carp, and catfish.

The Lake Panorama Association originally did some fish stocking, but our independent group now provides a significant boost to fishing conditions at Lake Panorama.

Lake Panorama Fish Stocking
Kael Rutledge helps with the fish stocking effort

North Star Fish Hatchery, a third-generation, family-owned business in Montour, Iowa has been the long time supplier for Lake Panorama fish stocking efforts. This year, s brought tocking took place at Lake Panorama’s Boulder Beach on three different dates. Volunteers helped move them by bucket from the truck to the lake.

Lake Panorama Walleye
A nice Panorama Walleyes caught by Jack Ulrickson (with Grampa Tom). Without stocking efforts, this kind of walleye wouldn’t be here!

Fin and Feather also works to help improve fish habitat, in conjunction with our stocking efforts.

Fundraising for Fish Stocking

The primary source of funds for these activities is through annual memberships and a fundraising banquet each spring.

Can’t make the banquet in person? You can still sign up to be a member, and there are other ways to support the cause as well.

Of course, we prefer to see you at the banquet, it’s fun for everybody and we work hard to make each year better than the last.

The 2019 banquet will be Saturday, May 11. See this post to get yourself signed up!